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11 Common Troubleshooting Tips for digital signage display

digital signage display

Table of Contents

Display fault:Blurred screen, white screen, dark screen, image fade, vertical bar, color distortion, polarization, mesh interference, color inversion, character dashed or trailing, bright line, bright band or dark line, etc.

1: Irregularly spent screen, lots of small color dots in the image

Treatment method: Check whether the screen cable is not in good contact, you can use your hand to toggle the screen cable to observe whether there are fluctuations in the screen, and replace the screen cable.

2: Display of vertical bar and blurred screen

Treatment: Repeatedly power up to see if there are changes in the vertical bar and flower screen. If there is a change to replace the logic board, if no change the screen is more likely to be bad.。

3: Display area to half-black screen or flower screen vertical line

Treatment method: Check whether the glass and logic board connection wires are loose, you can swap the left and right wires to see if the display abnormality follows the swap. If the display abnormally follows the line swap, then swap the line can be replaced, if the line swap display abnormally does not change can be replaced with the logic board, if the logic board is abnormal, then need to replace the LCD screen.

4: Show heavy shadow, inverse color, flower screen

Treatment: Try to debug the screen reference, otherwise replace the logic board.

5: Backlit bright screen with no display

Treatment method: Check whether the power supply from the screen line is plugged in correctly, use the multimeter diode file to check whether the logic board power supply fuse is connected, determine whether the logic board has electricity, replace the logic board.

6: Instant splash screen line on power on

Treatment: Check if the BLON voltage is normal, debug into factory mode, or debug the firmware (depending on the motherboard).

Backlight failure phenomenon:Backlight is not bright, backlight is dark, one side is partially or corner black

1: No backlight

Treatment method: Check whether the backlight is plugged in place, check whether the ADJ and BLO pin definitions are wrongly connected, measure whether the voltage output of the constant-flow board light bar.

2: The backlight is dark and the brightness is not up to par.

Treatment: Unplug the ADJ to see if the brightness changes, measure the constant-stream strip voltage to see if the standard.

3: Darkening in places or corners

Treatment: If the supply voltage of the lamp strip is normal, the installation of the backlight diffuser plate can be excluded to determine the lamp strip dead light.

Sound fault:No sound, noise, murmurs in the video on the external speakers.

Treatment: Test for normal audio from multiple sources. Check that the horn wire is not plugged into the right position. Unplug the speaker 4P port, re-power it and plug in the 3.5mm headphone jack to see if there is any sound, to determine whether the main chip has no audio or the amplifier tube is damaged. (Not available for all models of drive plates) Replace the motherboard, speakers.

Other anomalies

1: Power on without power on

Treatment: Turn on the remote control button, check if the setting is powered on. Measure whether the motherboard power supply voltage is normal, check whether the power board switch pins are plugged in, whether the power board works properly.

2: Repeated automatic switch on/off machine

Treatment: This situation is mostly because there is a short circuit in the circuit, check whether the line has a wrong connection, and then we can disconnect the screen and backlight in turn to watch the operation of the motherboard, such as still appear again to replace the power board, to find out which part of the short circuit.

3: The IR receiver light is on normally, no display and no backlight on the screen.

Treatment: When the power is on, shine a strong light on the screen to see if there is any screen display. If you can see the screen under bright light, you can determine the backlighting problem and check it according to no backlighting. If there is no picture of the strong light, the main search for the motherboard display signal, and backlight control signal is normal.

Jenny Zhang

Jenny Zhang

Hello, I'm Jenny Zhang, the author of this article. I've been doing overseas marketing for almost 10 years. In the constant communication and cooperation with customers all over the world, I find that there are almost no high-quality English resources about digital signage suppliers in China as well as the industry and products on the Internet. Knowing the painful struggle that sellers have to go through in purchasing, I created this blog page and wrote this article to share what I know with you.

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