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13 advantages of double sided hanging Window Displays

dual screen advertisng player specification

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Hanging double-sided Window Displays using suspended ceiling installation, so that it is perfect for shopping malls and supermarkets display window, window stores, bus stops, subways, airport restaurants, museums, high-end restaurants, luxury goods display, and other multiple scenes, so that consumers enjoy the convenience of technological innovation, then hanging double-sided LCD advertising machine has what characteristics?

Features of Hanging double-sided LCD digital signage display as below:

  • Supports two-sided display of different contents;
  • Super high-definition screen, double-sided display with different brightness, sunlight visibility on the bright side, the other side for normal indoor visibility;
  • Can be customized to the exclusive LOGO, a variety of colors and can be customized colors, exclusive to your color more perfect!
  • Hosda digtial signage patent products, 43/49/55 size available;
  • Thin appearance design, the thickness of the whole machine less than 4.5CM;
  • Hanging installation, can save space to achieve the best publicity effect;
  • Can be networked to play, remote control of uploading and replacing program content, support for wired networks and wireless WIFI, through the background of the unified release need to promote the program;
  • Arbitrary split screen display, multi-window video picture playback;
  • Timed on/off, rolling subtitles, clock display, weather forecast, split-screen playback;
  • Video output: support up to 1080P (resolution of 1920*1080) progressive scan HD display and Interlaced HD display (i.e. 1080i with a resolution of 1920*1080)                                                                                                Audio output:2X6W dual-channel stereo audio output, 85dB S/N ratio;
  • Multi-storage media support function: can support USB2.0, support hot-swappable;
  • B/S architecture powerful background server management software support, you can set up online advertising machine parameters, online production Send playlist, download the server’s advertising sources in real time/regularly, and play automatically after downloading;
  • Support Android and computer terminal free optional.
Jenny Zhang

Jenny Zhang

Hello, I'm Jenny Zhang, the author of this article. I've been doing overseas marketing for almost 10 years. In the constant communication and cooperation with customers all over the world, I find that there are almost no high-quality English resources about digital signage suppliers in China as well as the industry and products on the Internet. Knowing the painful struggle that sellers have to go through in purchasing, I created this blog page and wrote this article to share what I know with you.

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