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7 Notes for use of Hand sanitizer dispenser kiosk

Hand Sanitizer kiosk

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2020 epidemic, chaotic planning of the various manufacturers, but also chaotic business obvious market pattern, but led to the hot sale of face recognition temperature measurement machine and hand sanitizer digital signage. After Hosda three months promotion sales, more and more users began to use hand sanitizer dispenser kiosk, the use of the effect also gradually received customer’s praise, in order to let customers get a better user experience, we sum up a few points on the use of hand sanitizer dispenser kiosk precautions, hope to help customers!

Notes for use of Hand sanitizer dispenser advertising kiosk

  •  Hand sanitizer dispenser kiosk does not support outdoor use, try to avoid the sun and rain, which will affect the normal use of the product.
  • When you need to insert or remove the CF card, it is recommended to operate in the off state.
  • It is forbidden to disassemble and repair the hand sanitizer dispenser kiosk by yourself and should be repaired by professional maintenance personnel.
  •  Avoid putting the hand sanitizer dispenser kiosk near the radiator, heat source, or any other equipment that may affect the normal ventilation.
  • If the machine does not work for a long time, please open the anti-theft lock to turn off the power; or unplug the power directly. 6.
  • cleaning should be first power off and then clean the screen, wipe gently with a clean, soft cloth without threads.
  • Try not to use strong corrosive liquid to clean the signage, so as not to corrode the exterior plating and painting.

The service life of hand sanitizer dispenser kiosk is affected by many factors, users need to increase maintenance in the process of use. Hosda Hand sanitizer dispenser kiosk has obtained FCC, CE, ROHS, and EU appearance patent certification. It is fully qualified and can be exported in large quantities.

Jenny Zhang

Jenny Zhang

Hello, I'm Jenny Zhang, the author of this article. I've been doing overseas marketing for almost 10 years. In the constant communication and cooperation with customers all over the world, I find that there are almost no high-quality English resources about digital signage suppliers in China as well as the industry and products on the Internet. Knowing the painful struggle that sellers have to go through in purchasing, I created this blog page and wrote this article to share what I know with you.

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