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Double sided ceiling hanging LCD advertising machine

double sided ceiling hanging digital signage display picture

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With the rapid development of science and technology,  LCD advertising digital signage and other advertising machine products have been popularized and applied accordingly, today’s digital singage displays are widely used in all walks of life, whether it is shopping malls and offices or stations and wharf, digital signage screens are ubiquitous.

The more common digital signage displays on the market today are vertical or wall-mounted. The vertical advertising machine is relatively bulky and takes up more space. These two types of advertising machine have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Hosda digital signage’s double-sided ceiling hanging LCD advertising machine, double-sided display better dissemination effect, hanging advertising machine can also save space, its superior performance has become the major places (banks, airports, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, exhibition halls) information dissemination platform of choice.

It can be predicted that the large-scale construction of facilities will stimulate the rapid expansion of the advertising machine market scale, and become an important part of its further popularization. power. So the future of advertising machine applications will be an inevitable trend, and in addition to the large number of advertising machines needed to upgrade and modernize old facilities, the under construction The demand for place planning is also staggering, and in today’s world, saving space means saving money and creating more space. Value.

Hosda digital signage launch of double-sided hanging LCD advertising machine, is to meet the needs of businesses while expanding the display space for businesses, 360-degree Advertising displays will never miss what a business is trying to show no matter which direction the consumer passes by. There is certainly a reason why it is used in so many arenas and has such a high market demand for.

The spread of video advertising is mainly the spread of light, in the same conditions, the higher the screen brightness, the farther the spread, the clearer the picture,  It is easier to attract consumers’ attention. Especially for show window or outdoor display, the screen brightness of the advertising machine will be reduced by about 20% of the glass.

Hosda digital signage launched the double-sided suspended LCD advertising machine screen brightness is higher with high picture quality, brilliant colors, as well as superior performance, fully meet the unique characteristics of the environment, to bring customers more exciting, more exciting information, advertising display, display technology and multimedia technology, media processing and publishing information, greatly enrich the means and form of information, so that the dissemination of information becomes more vivid, rich, cool, and it will become a powerful tool for business market expansion.

Jenny Zhang

Jenny Zhang

Hello, I'm Jenny Zhang, the author of this article. I've been doing overseas marketing for almost 10 years. In the constant communication and cooperation with customers all over the world, I find that there are almost no high-quality English resources about digital signage suppliers in China as well as the industry and products on the Internet. Knowing the painful struggle that sellers have to go through in purchasing, I created this blog page and wrote this article to share what I know with you.

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