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Part one: company credibility

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Table of Contents

What is your company specialized in?

Hosda specialized in LCD Commercial displays, including but not limited to Digital signage displays, Hand sanitizer Kiosk, Floor stand kiosk, LCD video wall, Interactive whiteboard, LCD Monitor. For both indoor and outdoor applications.

Are you a manufacturing factory?

Yes, we are a manufacturer with 6 years experience in LCD Commercial Digital Signage displays.

Where is your factory located?

Our factory located in Bao’an area Shenzhen city, China, It’s only a 40-minute drive from the airport to our company.

Can I come to your factory to observe machine running? Can you arrange driver to pick me up?

Yes, you can visit our factory at any time, we will arrange to pick you up in the airport or railway station.

Where do you sell your product/what is your major market?

We have been doing business in China and also supplying to some foreign trade companies. Since 2019, we have set up our own foreign trade department.

Why should we choose you over others?

Don’t ask me, ask our clients.

“Call our clients and see if they are willing to serve as third-party testimonials for our work. I think you’ll enjoy listening to what they say.”

What do you think is your biggest advantage?

Long-term cooperation with stable quality suppliers, technical staffs with 10 years of work experience, Ensure the purchase cost, sales price and ex-factory quality of products

How long have you been in this business?


How many staff do you have?


Is your factory land self-owned or rented?


What is your annual sales volume?


How many people are there in your sales team?

6 domestic sales staff, 4 overseas sales staff

what is your market positioning?

Integrate high-quality raw material supplier resources, to provide high-quality products and lower prices for domestic and foreign counterparts

What exhibitions do you attend?

Jenny Zhang

Jenny Zhang

Hello, I'm Jenny Zhang, the author of this article. I've been doing overseas marketing for almost 10 years. In the constant communication and cooperation with customers all over the world, I find that there are almost no high-quality English resources about digital signage suppliers in China as well as the industry and products on the Internet. Knowing the painful struggle that sellers have to go through in purchasing, I created this blog page and wrote this article to share what I know with you.

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