Wall Mounted Hand sanitizer kiosk

Due to the prevailing Corona Virus and it’s subsequent issues, crowd temperature measurement and disinfection in public places has become a major problem for public management. Hosda’s new launch 21.5 inch intelligent temperature disinfection advertisingkiosk, public epidemic prevention tool. Daily active prevention at the same time, the detection and monitoring of febrile people, but also can do epidemic prevention knowledge video picture promotion, is conducive to people on the Knowledge of daily epidemic prevention.



Max Resolution







8G flash memory


White Color (standard) – Customized colors based on MOQ

Dispensing Sanitizer

Auto dispense of Sanitizer with hand motion

Hand sanitizer capacity



Spray / Soap / Foam

Price Range:$300.00 – $7000.00 Monthly production:>3000 pcs

Details about Wall Mounted Hand sanitizer kiosk

What is Digital Hand sanitizer kiosk?

Digital Hand sanitizer kiosk is advertising digital signage with integrated touchless hand sanitizer and temperature measurement function, it is widely used in the entrance of the buildings, Hospitals, and common areas or at strategic points in high traffic zones. The 21.5″ digital display offers dynamic information that can be fully customizable to the audience or the area that the kiosk is placed. Hosda’s  smart Hand sanitizer temperature kiosk can be used as a public epidemic prevention tool. It will help people to test and monitor febrile people while actively preventing the disease on a daily basis, as well as doing video and picture campaigns for epidemic prevention knowledge.

Types of hand sanitizer digital signage

The digital hand sanitizer kiosk can be wall-mounted or placed on a stand that can be moved to different locations as needed. The wall mounts hand sanitizer digital signs are ideal for locations with limited floor space such as retail stores, nail salons, banks or medical clinics.  And the free standing units are perfect for high traffic public such as malls, airports, grocery stores, schools or museums.

Hand Sanitizer Kiosk Mount Type

Product Features

  • The shell adopts full sheet metal technology and high quality tempered glass.
  • Support the accuracy of human body temperature measurement plus or minus 0.2 (optional)
  • Support multi-functional sensor soap dispenser
  • Support for Cloud basis CMS
  • Optional color: white (other colors can be customized)
  • Applications: cinemas, commercial buildings, buildings and communities, large superstores, toilets, etc.
  • Customization service: Support individual product customization and mass production.
  • The original imported brand LED high-definition display panel is made, which makes the picture quality display clearer and the power consumption lower.
  • Industrial-grade power supply system with thermostatic cooling system, which can meet 24*7 continuous uninterrupted start-up playback.
  • The product has passed the national compulsory 3C certification, and has the software copyright certificate developed by national high-tech enterprises.

Hand Sanitizing Kiosk Main Image 0000 Hand Sanitizing Kiosk Main Image 11  

Product Specifications

Hand Sanitizer Kiosk Size


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