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What is LCD Video Wall?

Lcd Video Wall

Table of Contents

LCD Video Walls

LCD Video Wall is a highly visible communication channel that creates a lasting impression on visitors.

Video walls are a powerful way to break through the clutter and engage with your intended audience. Mix and match display, rotate your screens and get creative with your display’s layout.

Display one large piece of content across all screens, or different  pieces of content  on each screen. Video wall displays are designed to work in ambient lighting without any glare.

Hosda video walls are used by leading retailers, airports, businesses, public venues and educational facilities around the world.

Hot Sell Lcd Video Wall

What is LCD Video Wall?

LCD video wall can be used as a display alone, or spliced together to form a large screen. According to different needs, it can be used as a large or small variable screen: single screen split display, single screen separate display, any combination of display, full-screen LCD splicing, double splicing LCD splicing, vertical display, optional compensation or masking of the image frame, support for digital signal roaming, zooming and stretching, cross-screen display, picture-in-picture, 3D playback, the setting and running of various display profiles, full HD signal. Real-time processing.

The best quality LCD video wall on the market are Samsung and LG’s screen, with high display brightness and reliability, splicing edge super narrow features, stable and uniform brightness, impact not to flicker and the advantages of long service life.

LCD Video Wall is a single independent complete display unit, ready to use, installation is as simple as building blocks, the use and installation of single or multiple LCD splicing screen are very simple. The Bezel width is only 0.88mm (1.7mm, 1.8mm, 3.5mm optional), with tempered glass protective layer, built-in intelligent temperature control alarm circuit and the unique “fast dissipation” cooling system. The DID LCD splicing technology enables analog signal and digital signal to access at the same time, and the latest LCD splicing technology can achieve naked-eye 3D intelligent effect. LCD Video Walls using unique and the world’s most advanced digital processing technology, so that users really experience the full HD large screen effect!


What is the Features of LCD Video Wall?

1. Adopt DID panel

Samsung’s original DID (Digital Information Display) panel technology has become the focus of attention of the display industry, DID panel revolutionary breakthrough in ultra-high brightness, ultra-high contrast, ultra-durable and ultra-narrow edge applications, to solve the liquid crystal display used in public display and digital advertising signage technical barriers. Generally speaking, TV or computer LCD screen used only 250 ~ 300cd/m2 brightness, using DID panel LCD screen brightness is as high as 700cd/m2, contrast ratio as high as 10000:1, than the traditional computer or TV LCD screen to double, is generally three times the rear projection. Therefore, the use of DID panel of professional liquid crystal display even in the outdoor glare is also clearly visible.

2 High brightness

Compared with TV and PC LCD, LCD has higher brightness. the brightness of TV or PC LCD is generally only 250~300cd/m2, while the brightness of DID LCD can reach 700cd/m2 (46″). 3. high contrast DID LCD has 3000:1(46″). “) contrast ratio, which is more than double that of traditional PC or TV LCD screens and three times that of normal rear projection.

3 Image processing technology

It can make the low pixel image reproduce clearly in full HD display; de-interlacing technology to eliminate flicker; de-interlacing algorithm to eliminate “jaggies”; dynamic interpolation compensation, 3D comb filter, 10-digit brightness and color enhancement, automatic skin tone correction, 3D motion compensation, non-linear scaling and other international leading technology processing.

4. Better color saturation

The color saturation of ordinary CRT is only about 50%, while DID LCD can reach 92% of high color saturation, thanks to the color calibration technology professionally developed for the product, through this technology, in addition to the color calibration of the still picture, but also the color calibration of the dynamic picture, so as to ensure the accuracy and stability of the picture output.

5. Wider viewing angle

PVA (Patterned Vertical Alignment) technology, which enables viewing angles of 178° and above (both horizontal and vertical).

Better Reliability

Ordinary LCD screen for TV, PC monitor design, does not support continuous use day and night, LCD splicing screen for monitoring center, display center design, support for continuous use in 7×24 hours.

6. Pure flat display

LCD is the representative of flat panel display device, is a true flat display, completely curvature free big picture, no distortion.

7. Ultra-thin narrow edge design

DID LCD splicing unit with unique design and exquisite manufacturing process, its frame structure and the previous DID splicing unit produced a qualitative leap: DID splicing unit left and upper border thickness of 4.3mm; right and lower border thickness of 2.4mm; integrated splicing frame thickness of only about 7mm! Can bring the perfect visual enjoyment for splicing users.

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8. Brightness uniformity, image stability and flicker-free

Unlike CRTs, LCDs do not need to constantly refresh their pixels because each dot maintains its color and brightness after receiving a signal. Therefore, LCD brightness uniformity, high image quality and absolutely no flicker. 9.

9. Optional splicing method

DID LCD splicing wall splicing quantity can be arbitrarily selected (row (m) × column (n)), the size of the screen also has a variety of options to meet the needs of different occasions. 10.

10. Flexible and versatile combination of splicing display function

According to the requirements of different users for personalized design, select single-screen display, full-screen display, any combination of display, image roaming, image superimposition and other functions.

11. Advanced screen parameters university function

According to the DID LCD splicing curtain wall using LCD screen and drive circuit may have inconsistent parameters, DID LCD splicing wall system has brightness, contrast, chromaticity, white balance adjustment function, after debugging, the parameters are automatically saved, so as to ensure the color consistency and brightness of the whole splicing screen uniformity.

12. Environmental health

Compared with rear projection type (including CRT rear projection, DLP, etc.) splicing wall, LCD DID LCD splicing wall heat, no radiation, no flicker, no eye damage, no harmful substances (such as lead, mercury, cadmium and chromium, etc.), is a new generation of environmental health splicing wall.

13. Beautiful wall structure

DID splicing wall cabinet thickness is only 180mm, all-steel structure, solid and reliable, splicing screen embedded installation, simple and convenient, compact overall structure, space-saving.

Lcd Video Wall

14. 120HZ frequency doubling refresh frequency

DID LCD products of 120Hz multi-frequency liquid crystal display technology, can effectively solve the fast movement of the image in the process of trailing and blurring, enhance image clarity and contrast, so that the picture is clearer, the human eye is not easy to fatigue after a long time of watching.

15. Longer service life

The service life of the backlight source of LCD screen for ordinary NB, PC and TV is 10,000 to 30,000 hours, while the service life of the backlight source of DID LCD screen can reach more than 60,000 hours, which ensures the consistency of brightness, contrast and chromaticity of each piece of LCD screen used in the splicing display after a long period of use, and ensures that the service life of the display is not less than 60,000 hours. LCD technology does not have any consumable equipment that needs to be replaced regularly, so maintenance and repair costs are extremely low.

What is the Eelements of LCD Video Wall?

LCD Video wall components:

  • DID liquid crystal splicing screen
  • Graphic splicing processor
  • Graphic splicing video matrix
  • Large screen communication repeaters
  • Large Screen Power Collector
  • Splicing system software package
  • Mosaic System Operation Host
  • Mosaic screen special bracket
  • Splicing Cables

What is LCD Video Wall used?

  • Information display terminals for the transport sector such as airports, ports, docks, subways and highways
  • Financial and securities information display terminals
  • Display terminals for commercial, media advertising, product display, etc.
  • Education and training/multimedia videoconferencing systems
  • Scheduling, control room VI. Radio, television, large studio/performance space
  • Military, governmental, urban and other emergency command systems
  • Mining and energy security monitoring systems
  • Fire, meteorological, maritime, flood control and traffic hub command systems
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What is the Advantage of LCD Video Wall?

  • LCD splicing screen long life, low maintenance cost.
  • LCD splicing screen large viewing angle.
  • LCD splicing screen high resolution, bright screen.
  • LCD splicing screen ultra-thin and lightweight.
  • Small power consumption, low heat generation.
  • LCD splicing screen failure-free time, low maintenance cost.
  • innovation, advanced
  • Economy

What is the Installation Type of LCD Video Wall?

  • Wall Mount Type
  • Cabinet Type
  • Floor stand Type
  • Hydraulic front maintenance
Lcd Video Wall

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